Waka Flocka Flame just dodged a bullet after a jury recently found him not guilty of gun charges.

The legal situation stems from an incident in October 2014, when the "Hard in the Paint" rapper was arrested at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for attempting to make it through security with a loaded gun in his bag.

He was charged with multiple crimes, including carrying a weapon in an unauthorized location.

The next day, the Transportation Security Administration posted a picture of the gun and ammo Waka was concealing on social media, along with the caption, "The picture, which shows a semi-automatic handgun and ammunition, was accompanied by the following caption, “#TSACatch – This 5.7X28mm pistol was discovered in a carry-on bag today at the #Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (#ATL) International Airport. It was loaded with 29 rounds plus one in the chamber. This could have been legally packed in checked baggage. Learn more about traveling with firearms at TSA.gov.”

The Atlanta rapper claimed the whole situation was a mistake. Instead of taking a plea deal, Waka decided to take his chances at trial. According to the Associated Press, the rapper's lawyer Drew Findling says his client was exonerated in Clayton County Court on Thursday (March 9). Following a four-day trial, it only took the jury less than an hour to bring back a not guilty verdict.

As his defense, the rapper claimed that he mistakenly grabbed his wife's bag, which unknowingly contained the burner.

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