Florida rapper Stitches was arrested this week on gun and drug charges after police spotted his Porsche pulling out of a handicap parking spot at a local Whole Foods. The Game's Manager Wack 100, who has his own history with Stitches, offered comment on the arrest on Instagram, recording a TMZ broadcast recapping it.

"Let this be a lesson to all those that wanna rap or move around and play gangsta," he wrote. "You see real ones know and understand the rules, we know the loop holes in law and know what we can & cant do to preserve your life in these streets. It all looks wonderful from the outside but here's the real lesson to those that have impostors around them. 'IF THERE IGNORANCE TO THE STREETS WILL MAKE THEM TELL ON THEMSELVES WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THE SAME IGNORANCE WONT MAKE THEM TELL ON YOU'"

In December, Wack knocked Stitches out during a confrontation outside a nightclub, later saying, "At the end of the day, I can respect his movement. But we ain’t tolerate no disrespect. He’s a kid. He ain’t been living long enough to be living with certain people and certain situations." Weeks later, he would say that he was still open to working with Stitches writing on Instagram that Stitches was under new management.

Whether the two have any professional working relationship now isn't clear based on the IG video up top.

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