One month after dropping his "Rubbin Off the Paint" visual, and it's already clear that YBN Nahmir's new track is destined to go the way of Tay-K's "The Race." That is to say, we now have our next remix craze, and helping spearhead it is Vince Staples. On Sunday (Oct. 16), the Long Beach, Calif. rapper released his own version of the song on the newest episode of his SEABS show on Beats 1 Radio.

Cruising over the beat, Staples spits what might just be his most unrepentantly menacing verse in recent memory. The ambivalence and progressivism that permeates his last two projects, Prima Donna and Big Fish Theory, can't be found on his new freestyle that's as casually vicious as tracks on Summertime '06.

On the track, Staples gets back to his North Side Long Beach roots by planning to catch a body. "Know you know it but I gotta say it baby, I'm from Poppy/If you hold it then you gotta spray it, baby don't be sloppy/If I catch you with your four hoe, we killin' everybody/Kill your pappy, kill your mommy, kill your second-cousin Connie," he spits on the track.

In a funny bit, Staples explains that he'll wilfully abandon his street cred if police come his way. "But if they interroga-ting, I don't know nobody/I ain't with the business/This is just an image/I ain't hurt nobody/I don't know who did it," he raps.

Check out Staples' new freestyle for yourself below.

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