Vince Staples continues to promote his forthcoming Big Fish Theory album with "Big Fish," the latest single from the project. The rapper also serves up a David Helman-directed video for it, and fittingly, he appears to be in the middle of an ocean, the captain of his own ship.

Here's the thing about that ship, though; its sail has a hole in it and it's sinking. It's also surrounded by sharks. Yeah, not good. Fittingly, Staples appears completely at ease as he sits in the doomed vessel and "Big Fish" begins playing. And why wouldn't he be? After all, he's from one of the roughest neighborhoods in Northside, Long Beach, Calif., so keeping your composure and trying to "keep from going under" while surrounded by predators is something he's probably done his whole life.

The track features a distinct West Coast bounce to it and what sounds like a Juicy J sample. "It's funny I was going crazy not too long ago/Women problems every morning like the Maury show/Swimming upstream while trying to keep my bread from the sharks/Make me wanna put the hammer to my head at the park," raps Staples, who recently appeared on Gorillaz's Humanz album.

Earlier this week, Staples tweeted out a photo of what appeared to be the album cover for his new project, along with the date May 19. We took that to mean he was dropping his album this Friday (May 19), but in actuality, he was speaking about the release of the song "Big Fish," not the LP.

But fear not Staples fans. The dynamic West Coast artist is dropping Big Fish Theory on June 23, which basically means Christmas is coming in just over one month's time. That's not so long a wait, right?

Watch Staples at sea below.

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