R. Kelly may have gotten off on a molestation case years ago, and has yet to face charges on new allegations, but Vince Staples is among the people who still believe the singer is not a good person.

The Cali MC performed at the 2018 Coachella Festival on Friday (April 13), bringing out Kendrick Lamar. Following his set in a post-performance interview, he talked candidly and jokingly about his plans when he gets off probation in a year. "I'm doing wild shit," he jokingly said about the illegal shenanigans he plans on getting into. "You don't go to prison if you're a Black entertainer," he added.

He used R. Kelly as an example. "R. Kelly never went to jail and he's a child molester," Vince said. "I'm saying he's a child molester and he pees on people and he can't read or write and he didn't go to jail. I'm a good person; R. Kelly, a piece of fucking shit. So piece of fucking shit R. Kelly didn't go to jail for being a child molester and peeing on people and having a human trafficking ring in Atlanta then I'll be alright."

Vince isn't the only rapper to call Kellz out of his name. Last year, Vic Mensa said the Chicago crooner should be locked up forever. "Fuck R. Kelly," the Roc Nation MC said last June, following the latest round of accusations levied against the singer. "R. Kelly is a scumbag and a very dirty man. He needs to be locked up forever."

After his comments about the singer went viral, Vince claimed on Twitter that R. Kelly's people were out to get him. "I just got a text saying R. Kelly people is looking for me. Guess it’s time to get security, the Pied Piper is coming," he wrote.

Check out Vince's interview and tweet below.

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