Earlier this year, Kanye West added the Sampha-assisted "Saint Pablo" to his album The Life of Pablo during one of the project's many updates. Now, Sampha tells Faster Louder that Kanye helped write "Timmy's Prayer," the first single from his own album, Process.

“I wrote that song with Kanye West. Sometimes you can be in a sort of loving relationship... that you don’t appreciate when you’re in it," the UK electronic producer and singer says. "But then when you’re without it you realize it was heaven, because you go out into the wider world and you can meet some real sharks out there, people who are out there for your blood.”

Sampha originally dropped the track back in mid-May. You can listen to "Timmy's Prayer" above via YouTube, or you can cop it via multiple platforms right here.

On verse one, Sampha sings, "My vital organs are beating through/My ribcage opened, my heart ballooned/I... I've lost another one/I'm on the floor trying to dress my wounds/Address the fact it was mine to lose/I... I didn't try enough/And when I'm left without your love/It could feel like a lifetime baby/And somewhere in the start we had it alright/Sunshine and blue skies, yes I call/But now there's a darker blue/I'm bleeding and you don't care/The sun sinks and you're not there."

Process is slated to drop on Feb. 3, and Sampha is going on tour in support of the album a week later. You can view the tracklist below. If you want to go back and check out how Kanye premiered "Saint Pablo," you can peep those videos right here.

Sampha's Process Tracklist

1. "Plastic 100°C"
2. "Blood On Me"
3. "Kora Sings"
4. "(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano"
5. "Take Me Inside"
6. "Reverse Faults"
7. "Under"
8. "Timmy's Prayer"
9. "Incomplete Kisses"
10. "What Shouldn't I Be?"

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