In a new interview with Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, 50 Cent discusses his past relationship with Vivica A. Fox, Kanye West's breakdown and more.

WWHL host Andy Cohen asks 50 what he thinks about Kanye's temporary psychosis and subsequent hospitalization. The Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper responds, "That was interesting, 'cause I felt like you could kind of see that coming in pieces. There were little outbursts."

Cohen then asks 50 about the rumor that Kanye was faking his mental breakdown to score a buck. "There was speculation in L.A. that he maybe said he was having a breakdown to get his insurance money," he says. Fif' quickly shuts down that question, saying that if it was about the money, Yeezy would've just finished out his St. Pablo Tour, instead of cancelling it prematurely. "No. He could've just went to work," 50 says.

The "Wanksta" rapper also touches on Kim Kardashian getting robbed in Paris, saying, "I think that was a part of Kanye's breakdown."

50 also talks about his sexual past with Vivica A. Fox. She appeared on Cohen's show in the past and put 50 on blast, saying he liked to do certain things in the bedroom. 50 tells Cohen that when he watched Vivica's interview, he said to himself, "Oh no. Because I let her lick my ass, she thinks I'm gay."

You can watch that clip below for the full, NSFW details.

Of course, 50 and Fox have been beefing with each other for a while now. You can check out an entire timeline of their feud right here.

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