A U.K. rapper jumped onto the train tracks of the London transit system on Monday (Nov. 7) and caused chaos on the railways because he apparently wanted to be on YouTube. You can view a brief clip courtesy of the Evening Standard.

According to the U.K. publication, the rapper caused three-hour delays during rush hour when he hopped onto the tracks at Norwood Junction station at 6 p.m. and started rapping -- all without a shirt on. At a certain point, police arrived with tasers to try to detain the trespasser, who rapped cuss-laden lyrics while a puzzled crowd watched. He allegedly said, "I want to be on YouTube" as well.

The man actually fled down the tracks and out of sight before the cops could reach him. The trains re-opened at 7:30 p.m., but because the man had not been found, they had to move at a reduced speed just in case he was still on the tracks somewhere.

The incident caused dozens of delays, as the Evening Standard called it a "perfect storm" of chaos. Passenger Matt Wood tells the London media outlet, “It was crazy. We were packed on the train like sardines and I was standing up the whole time. It’s ridiculous that a man doing that can pretty much shut down the whole rail network in south London.”

Angry passengers also took to Twitter to voice their frustration. Lucy Cameron tweeted, “I love when some plonker walks on the tracks and delays my train by an hour and a half. I never wanted dinner anyway #NorwoodJunction.” Sophie Price typed, “The man dancing on the tracks at Norwood junction is probably the most hated man in the south London this evening.”

Lianna Brinded tells the Evening Standard, “We noticed this guy swaying in the middle of the tracks. I don’t know if he was drunk. The guy started taking off his clothes and shouting and then he broke out into an impromptu rap. He also asked if he could have a cigarette."

Keep scrolling to see what it looked like at just one of the backed-up train stations. It's wild to think that one person could have caused such a chaotic few hours for London's transit system.

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