In a newly surfaced video, YNW Melly's mother, Jamie Demons-King, claims that YNW Sakchaser (born Anthony Williams), who was one of the people Melly's accused of killing, threatened her with a gun.

In the clip, which was posted on YouTube on March 6, King questions Sakchaser's street credentials. Appearing mid-sentence, King states, "... showed me text messages from Sakchaser threatening all her friends, and all these people, like he's about this life. I'm saying, like, who the fuck you ever rob? Who the fuck you ever shot at? What the fuck you ever did? Nigga, you couldn't even take a fuckin' weed charge. If you don't sit your pussy ass down and don't ever come for me."

She continues, "And don't ever come for me, because my credentials is real. It ain't even a joke. So, don't ever try to come for me, 'cause I don't even play them type of games. What the fuck you got that I ain't got? Oh, you threatening me with your little gun? Bitch, I got big guns. At the end of the day, Melly is my child. And he's gonna be great because he's talented. He's talented because [of] his mom, not because of your little fuck-ass, retarded ass." Although she continued speaking, the video cuts off at that moment.

Now, it's unclear when this video was recorded, but based on the fact that King addresses Sakchaser as someone who could potentially attack her, it appears likely that the video was recorded before the man's death. If she really does mean that Sakchaser threatened her, those threats could be seen as a motive for Sakchaser's killing.

Miramar, Fla.'s police department alleges that Melly, born Jamell Demons, is responsible for the shooting deaths of 21-year-old Sakchaser and 19-year-old YNW Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr.), who were two members of his YNW collective. Police claim that Melly, along with his fellow YNW associate, YNW Bortlen (born Cortlen Henry), staged the shooting to look like a drive-by after Melly fired the lethal shots into the victims on Oct. 26, 2018. Melly publicly mourned the deaths of Sakchaser and Juvy in the days following the shooting.

Last Tuesday (March 5), a source close to the case confirmed to XXL that Melly pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder. At press time, it's unknown what plea Bortlen has entered.

See video of Melly's mother speaking on being threatened by Sakchaser for yourself below.

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