Vic Mensa might have a strong fan base when it comes to his music, but he makes sure he uses his musical platform to touch base on much more than that. The Chicago native goes hard for his home city, making sure he is fighting to protect it, improve it and stand by it in times of struggle. The "U Mad" rapper recently appeared with Lil Durk and W. Kamau Bell on CNN's United Shades of America last night (May 7), where they spoke about the state of Chicago and the city's gangs.

In two clips that were posted by Malik Yusef, who stars in the show's second episode of season two, Mensa joins the likes of The Legendary Fya Man, Do Or Die, Wild Wild Da General, G Syl and other artists of The Private Plane also discuss violence in the city, as well as solutions for the city's state. The first clip hears Mensa discussing the school systems and how they are contributing greatly to the fall of the community.

"I think the solutions have to come down to investing in the communities. Because the schools have lost gym programs. They've lost music programs, because there's no money being put into the schools. You've got schools in the same school district, but the black school is getting way less funding per student," explains Mensa.

Another clip hears the group laughing at stereotypes made by outsiders who express their fear of traveling to Chicago. "When I hear people talk about Chicago and they're afraid to come to the city, what they don't recognize is that so much of the violence is centered in very specific areas because Chicago is so segregated. We're on the North side right now in Lincoln Park. People might tell you to be careful coming to Chicago, but what the fuck are you being careful about over here? There's nothing to be careful about over here. This is a ridiculously safe neighborhood, and you have that in Chicago as you have hoods in every city," says Mensa.

Watch them get candid about Chicago gang violence in the clips from United Shades of America below. You can catch the full episode on-demand now.

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