Over the years, there have been many tales and myths spread about Suge Knight and some of his controversial dealings in the music industry, and one of the more famous rumored stories involved Vanilla Ice. It was reported back in 1996 that Knight once dangled the "Ice Ice Baby" hitmaker over a hotel balcony by his feet, but the television star is once again denying that it ever happened.

In a new interview on Dan Patrick's radio show, the former rapper discusses a slew of topics, including his relationship with Madonna as well as what really happened between him and Knight at the hotel. Patrick first mentions the infamous story, going over the rumored details that Knight held Ice over the balcony of a Los Angeles venue.

"Right, which never happened," Ice explains. "I sit there and talked on the balcony, that's where they polished up the story all of a sudden now they polish it up like he's hanging me over and change is... like c'mon, he's hanging me by my feet or something."

Clarifying the events that actually occurred at the hotel, Ice says that the former music executive never threatened him, but implied that he needed to pay him in order to be in his city.

"He didn't threaten me. He just came in and said, 'Listen, this is my city. You wanna play? You gotta pay. Everybody else does,'" the personality describes. "He ran off the roster of all of these people, and he goes, 'I got Eddie Murphy. I've got Arsenio Hall. I've got Dan Patrick on here. They all pay me when they come to my city.' And I go, 'Well, I guess I gotta pay you then.'"

Vanila Ice then goes on to say that not only did Knight never hang him over any balcony to get him to pay him, but he also said that the former Death Row CEO was "actually nice" to him.

"And I had no idea, but I understood who he was, what was going on. He didn't have to hang me from no balcony or slap me around or nothing," he continues. "It never happened. In fact, it was really weird, because he was nice. He was actually nice. He was never mean one time ever to me. He was always nice to me. And it was really strange because he's huge."

While this may be one Suge Knight myth that has been debunked, there are a few people that may disagree with Vanilla Ice's "nice" comments, such as Dr. Dre.

See the full clip of Vanilla Ice detailing the Suge Knight story with Dan Patrick below.

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