Dave East is showing no signs of slowing down with his music game, and this month, he's hopping on a couple of different remixes to recreate two big records. Earlier this week (April 16), Vado recruited the Harlem native to spit a joint freestyle over Drake's No. 1 hit single, "Nice For What," which features both of them swooping in to cater to their women.

Vado kicks the first verse off by showing love to his ex-girlfriends before shouting out his ride-or-die.

"Shout-out all my exes, get your brag on/Your Chanel, your Céline, mean bag on/Get your swag on," he rhymes. "If he don't act right, I'ma act raw/'Cause you was that type to put me back on, real one."

East takes a bit of a different approach on his verse on the freestyle, letting his leading lady know that he can't be tied down to her, despite how much they may connect.

"We just be fuckin', I can't be wifin'/Always textin' me, she keep typin'," he spits. "Her ex from Harlem, she told me he went to Rice/And I been movin' so triflin'/Fuckin' everything movin', I'm breakin' nights."

Along with the new freestyle over Drizzy's hit song, Dave East also recently dropped one of his remixes to Wale's "It's Complicated" last week (April 12). The Karma rapper finds himself in a sticky situation, as he misses his former lover while he gets intimate with his new one.

“I think about you while I’m fucking her,” he raps. “It’s complicated, I’m telling on myself, won’t say another word.”

Along with teaming up with Vado for the new music, East recently joined actor Isiah Whitlock on a panel for MSNBC's The Beat With Ari Melber, where he discussed his desire for the NYPD to fall back after they shot 34-year-old Saheed Vassell, who suffered from bipolar disorder, and was carrying a metal pipe that they mistook for a gun.

"In my opinion, I feel like the NYPD need to fall back this week," he expresses. "I feel like a lot of things happen all the time, but I just seen it was a bipolar guy got shot 10 times over a metal pipe of something like that that they thought was a gun. I feel like that story is getting old. They think somebody got something and then they kill them...I really feel as though that needs to be looked at a lot more."

Take a listen to Vado and Dave East's remix of Drake's "Nice For What" as well as Dave's remix of Wale's "It's Complicated."

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