In 2002, J Dilla handed in to MCA a notorious demo for an album featuring his raps over the work of other producers – Pete Rock, Madlib, and Hi-Tek, to name a few. He gave the demo to the label on a CD-R labeled The Middle Finger (it's anyone's guess why) and soon enough, the whole thing leaked online and took on a life of its own with a new name, Pay Jay. 

In April of this year, the finished album finally saw the light of day as The DiaryBut a couple songs were apparently missing, and some genius found them buried in a storage unit. Now they're finally getting an official release.

One of them is Kanye West's version of "The Anthem" (the one on The Diary is produced by Dilla) and the other is an alternate vocal take of Dilla's classic "Fuck the Police." A limited run of 1,000 copies of these two songs, packaged together as The Middle Finger, is being sold on, and you can pre-order them right now.

'Ye's version of the song was never officially released, but like much of Dilla's music, it made its way online throughout the years. You can hear it below.


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