Uno The Activist went off on his cousin Playboi Carti last night (Sept. 24). In a series of since-deleted tweets, the "Fabo" rapper accused Carti of stealing his style and selling his soul for fame.

"This ain't no diss but I would never sell soul for the fame," Uno opened. "I would never change on my family over pussy, I would never friend my brothers enemy, I would never talk down on family so niggas don't fuck with him before they meet, all that devil worship feeding statues is out."

In subsequent tweets, Uno made the subliminal comments explicit by sharing screenshots of a direct message conversation with Carti in which the latter vaguely threatens the former and Uno responds by calling Carti a snake.

"If a nigga shot my brother I would never call the shooter my big homie especially when these niggas babies out here," Uno wrote in one tweet.

This remark is apparently in reference to Carti befriending the alleged gunman who shot Uno in October of 2016.

Another tweet describes how Carti allegedly approached Uno about biting his particular style of melodic, clipped flows.

"Niggas look u in you eye and say *I can take yo style because we family* then never see u again," Uno tweeted.

The confrontation follows months of brewing tension between Carti and some of his original Atlanta collaborators. Back in May, Thouxanbanfauni addressed the issue on Instagram Live and accused Carti of sneak-dissing him and Uno behind their back, describing the behavior as "high school teenage drama queen shit."

View all of Uno's tweets about Carti below.

See Uno The Activist's Tweets Calling Out Playboi Carti


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