It's that time again. A new year means a new "Rap Up" record from Uncle Murda. On Monday (Dec. 31), the Brooklyn bully rolled out his new "Rap Up 2018" single.

Lenny Grant has a lot to talk about on the record and uses the over nine minutes of running time to get everything off his chest, name-dropping people and events that highlighted the past year including 6ix9ine, Cardi B, Kodak Black, Suge Knight and more.

Murda wasted no time bringing up Tekashi's wild year. "Tekashi got snatched by the feds, he done/I'm like, 'Damn, why they doin' that to 50 Cent son?' (Aw)," he raps. "Can't forget about him gettin' robbed and kidnapped/Y'all thought he was jokin', nah, that was all big facts."

Cardi and Nicki's beef was a hot topic. "Nicki vs Cardi, who side y'all choosin?/Nicki rap better, but Cardi puttin' out better music/Whatever Cardi drop hot, the people like the shit/Flex not a fan of Cardi 'cause she don't write the shit (So what?)," Murda spits.

Kanye's antics could not escape the wrath of the unapologetic rapper. "Kanye still a mess/Don't want no 350s 'round me, Drake said it the best/He think Drake fucked Kim K, that nigga stressed (He did)/He out here with Donald Trump dick on his breath," Murda snaps.

Other topics touched on include Meek Mill's release from prison, Juelz Santana's arrest, the Drake and Pusha-T beef, Jacquees' king of R&B claims and a plethora of the notable happenings.

UM's recap comes on the heels of Mad Skillz's "2018 Wrap Up." The two rappers engaged in a brief bitter battle last year over their similar tracks.

Listen to Uncle Murda's "2018 Rap Up" below.

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Addicted to Money

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