To celebrate the new year, Uncle Murda dropped his own "Rap Up" of 2017 but ended up starting a feud with Skillz, who is known for creating the year-end wrap up track.

Now, after a diss from Skillz, Uncle Murda is firing back with a track of his own called "Why You Mad?" The Brooklyn rapper wastes no time going at Skillz. "Yeah, I heard the Mad Skillz track/He disrespectin'," Murda raps.

"Why ya gassin' him, that shit was wack, nigga/I wanted someone else to respond, not that nigga/I don't get no points if I air 'em out/Beefin' with a rapper that nobody care about," the rapper continues.

Elsewhere in the song, Uncle Murda makes it known that he has no plans of stopping his "Rap Up" series and says he will continue it next year.

"He mad I got the 'Rap Up' lit again/Nigga, next year I'm takin' your shit again/I know you're feeling like your chain got snatched/And I remind you every year that you can't get it back/You takin' shots is like Shaq shootin' freethrows/I rather be out here beefin' with the Migos," he spits.

During a recent interview with Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97, Skillz explained his issue with Uncle Murda, saying the rapper actually took shots at him on his "Rap Up 2017" track.

Skillz also said he was angry after Uncle Murda sent him a disrespectful private message. "He just DM'd me and he said, 'Yeah, you the PG version. I'm the R-rated version,'" said Skillz. "I just hit him back like, 'Who this?' My thing's been plenty of cats that try to do wrap ups, and that's cool, but nobody's ever been that disrespectful."

Listen to Uncle Murda's "Why You Mad?" below.

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