Tyler, The Creator is back with some more new music—sort of. On Wednesday afternoon (April 18), the 27-year-old rapper let loose a few tweets about a demo he recorded during sessions for his Flower Boy album. Apparently this track, titled "Rose Tinted Cheeks," was one he never made time to get back to.

The new track finds Tyler playing with his pitches as he croons over a peaceful instrumental. He also handles the hook, but if he'd finished the track, that wouldn't have been the case. "[Those] vocals on the hook obvi would have been a girl who could actually sing haha," he wrote in one tweet. "[It's] a ref yall i just come up with it."

The track fits pretty well within the more alternative soundscape of Flower Boy, which was nominated for a trophy at the 2018 Grammy Awards. On a thematic level, it also echoes Flower Boy's sentimentality. "I never had the courage to tell you I adore you/I did it in a song but was too afraid to call you," he half-sings on the track.

As Tyler says, the song is a rough draft, but who knows what magic he would have worked before it reached its final form. Tweeting a bit more about the track, Tyler left open the possibility that he returns to finish what he started for the song. "[Wish] i finished it, its warm, maybe i will idk prolly not, later," he offered.

Listen to "Rose Tinted Cheeks" for yourself below. Check out Tyler's tweets about the album beneath that.

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