Tyler, The Creator isn't letting up on cooking new material in the studio in 2018, and his latest inspiration comes from Trouble and his "Bring It Back" record featuring Drake. On Wednesday (April 11), the Odd Future co-founder revealed that his close friend Taco played the hit single for Tyler last week, and he loved the beat so much that he decided to make his own remix.

The Flower Boy rapper says that he FaceTimed with Mike Will Made-It, who produced the beat and signed Trouble to his Eardruma Records imprint, and was sent the "Bring It Back" instrumental shortly after their conversation. From there, Tyler flipped the original beat by speeding it up and adding in some haunting flairs to the sound while also laying down a verse that uses a warped voice.

Spitting some hot bars that are slightly similar to Trouble's original flow, Tyler calls out those who try to flex their cash on social media but don't actually have it in real life.

"Flexing on the ’Gram about a bank deposit/Yeah, that shit addicting, shit is hypnotizing," he rhymes. "Claiming that you rich like bitch, we know you lying/What your backyard look like, what your mama driving, mayne?"

If fans enjoy this new version of the track, then they'll be happy to know that Tyler is thinking about adding verses to songs and beats that he likes. While last year was the year of a new album, 2018 might be putting him in remix mode.

Listen to Tyler, The Creator's remix of Trouble's "Bring It Back" record in the video below.

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