Esteemed American philosopher Rick Ross once said, "Fuck it / I don't wanna go to court." It seems Tyga followed Rozay's advice by failing to show up at the courthouse Tuesday (Aug. 9) morning, and now the judge has issued a bench warrant according to E! News.

The court date Tyga skipped out on was about his ongoing eviction case. Tyga's landlord got a $480,000 judgment against the rapper who fell behind on rent of a Malibu mansion. The "Rack City" creator hasn't paid that off and the landlord wants to know where Tyga's hiding his assets to continue living lavishly.

Tyga recently drew the ire of the landlord by purchasing a $200,000 Maybach as a birthday present for Kylie Jenner. The landlord is wondering how the MC has yet to pay his debt while spending such large amounts of money.

The Last King Records founder has been failing to pay landlords all over the Los Angeles County area. Last year, Tyga was evicted from his Calabasas home after he repeatedly missed rent. He faced a similar fate earlier this year for his home in the Hollywood Hills.

Tyga's rent troubles have not been limited to his residences either. The rapper also got hit with a lawsuit over his Egypt Last Kings Clothing store on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. The landlord of that store sued Tyga for allegedly trashing the place and owing him five months of unpaid rent.

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