Kanye West is looking to put the events of the last couple of months behind him. And what better way to do that than to get back to making music. As the first true musical offering since his breakdown, West teams up with future brother-in-law Tyga, for the Cali rapper's new single "Feel Me."

The track seems to cement T. Raww's affiliation with G.O.O.D. Music, which was announced back in September. The hard-hitting song finds the two rappers in braggadocio mode, where they seem to operate the best.

Tyga flexes first rapping, "I need my cash money, a mili, a mili, a mili, a mili, a mili/These bitches is litty, my niggas is litty, we lit up the city, you feel me?/My haters is humble, we hit up the city, we skrrt off we eatin a billi/Take her shoppin’ but can’t get that python through customs/Hundred k for the PJ, fuck it, garment bags, no luggage, feel me?."

After a lengthy chorus where both rappers shout-out their famous lovers, Yeezy snaps off on the second verse rhyming, "Flew in for the fight, that’s that thug life/Pac sittin’ shotgun next to Suge Knight/Coogie Coogie, Coogie, Coogie on/Feels like I’m in the movie holmes/Texted my Consigliere/Tell the maid leave the Jacuzzi on/(Who you tryna get crazy with, don’t you know I’m loco?)/That Calabasas ‘cross a sweatshirt/I wear it to a meeting like a dress shirt/Top shot, I’ll put the pressure/To make a nigga with the measure."

West has reportedly been steadily working on new material since coming home from the hospital. Maybe this means he is fully back in music mode.

Stream "Feel Me," above.

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