Tyga was clearly inspired by Drake's "Controlla" when he created his latest single. The California rapper has released a new track called "1 of 1" which is eerily similar to Drake's hit song from Views. "Controlla" might as well be a reference track for Tyga as he employs much of the same formula on "1 of 1."

It might be a simple case of Tyga trying to follow the dancehall-influenced wave of Drake, but it's not hard to see why some might consider this biting. The rapper even uses Jamaican patois in his rhymes.

"Take the thug in me and put some in you/Now you wearing bandanas/Rocking your man’s flannels/Flight to Dubai, gotta pop a Xanax/Me no love for dem batty boy antics/Gon make me pull choppers out the attic/I’m a savage, straight savage/Yeah, they laughed at my dreams of living lavish/We no pretender, we both remember/All these hoes was ghost 'fore I had the Phantom/'Fore I had the Gram, I couldn’t get at em/Uh, before I rock rings like Saturn/They ain’t wanna hang out, wanna try to plan it/That’s why I give all I have to you/They don’t know I got the juice, they don’t know/They don’t know I touch the money like masseuse/Dem don’t know, I was made custom for you/Only giving my love to you," Tyga raps.

Tyga is currently out in Jamaica, so maybe the location just influenced his direction on this one. Fans can expect to see "1 of 1" appear on his upcoming project Bitch I’m the Shit 2.

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