Today's date, Feb. 9, means it's Two-9 day, the group finally dropping their debut album FRVR through all outlets, including iTunes and below via Apple Music. The release follows a year that saw the members pursuing solo efforts, Curtis Williams dropping his Mister Lonely 2 mixtape in January and Jace releasing his Jace Tape album in February.

Williams, Jace, Key, FatKidsBrotha, Retro $ush! and $ush! Ceej appear throughout FRVR's 12 tracks, along with affiliates like Cartier Dave, LightSkinMac11,and Mann Mann. The album is released through Mike WiLL-Made It's EarDrummers label, the group joining ascending duo Rae Sremmurd.

Speaking with XXL around the release of the B4FRVR mixtape, Ceej said of working with the Atlanta super producer, “I think one of the best things Mike has done is come in and not try to change anything. He just tries to rock with us with how we was already and tries to elevate it; make what we already had crazier.”

Stream FRVR below.

Two-9's FRVR tracklist

1. “None of These” Feat. FatKidsBrotha, Key and Jace
2. “Rackades” Feat. Curtis Williams, Key and Jace
3. “This Way” Feat. Key and Jace
4. “Nick Cannon” Feat. Jace, Cartier Dave and Key
5. “Nasty” Feat. Black Boe, Chico, Jace and Cartier Dave
6. “Used to Be Down” Feat. Key and Jace
7. “Don’t Try Me” Feat. FatKidsBrotha and Key
8. “Larry Hughes” Feat. Retro $ushi! and LightSkinMac11
9. “Sipper” Feat. Mann Mann, Jace and LightSkinMac11
10. “JFK” Feat. Key, Jace and Curtis Williams
11. “Family” Feat. Retro $ushi!, Key, LightSkinMac11
12. “25/8” Feat. FatKidsBrotha and Key

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