Yesterday (Jan. 10), Kodak Black said he wants to throw hands with Lil Wayne. Now, former Hot Boys/Cash Money rapper Turk tells Kodak to stop messing with Weezy.

Turk went on Instagram on Tuesday (Jan. 10) to remind Kodak of Wayne's lyrical prowess and ask the 2016 XXL Freshman to stop throwing shots at Tunechi.

"Man I keep gettin’ all these inboxes and shit about these rapper fight shit," Turk says in the clip, which you can view above. "Man I fuck with Kodak Black, but c’mon man, y’all already know. Ain’t no nigga fuckin’ with Wayne when it comes to this mufuggin’ pen game. Ain’t no nigga fuckin’ with Wayne. This shit been goin’ on since we were young niggas, dawg. Wayne always was the type of nigga, when a nigga was druggin’ and thuggin,’ Wayne was focused."

Turk continues, "That nigga’s pen game been stupid since I met him. I met him ‘cuz that nigga was one of the greatest young niggas in New Orleans. With that being said, Kodak, my lil’ homie, Wayne my lil’ brother, ain’t no nigga’s pen game fuckin’ with Lil Wayne. That’s just real life facts. So dead that."

Turk obviously wants Kodak to take a step back and pay homage to one of the greats, instead of instigating a pointless beef. The 35-year-old New Orleans native also posted a second Instagram video (view below), in which he delves into Wayne's insane freestyling ability.

"No matter what a nigga say, what a nigga do, [Lil Wayne] goin’ down as the greatest," Turk says. "Don’t get me wrong, Kodak, I fuck with you... But I’m giving [Kodak] the heads up... Dead that shit. We don’t need no more beef going on, period. Dead that shit."

Prior to saying he wanted to fight Weezy, Kodak told Wayne he could "eat his ass." You can watch that clip right here.

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