Turk, Lil Wayne and Kodak Black may have all had their issues in the past but the three rappers now come together for the "Fuck How It Turn Out (Remix)."

Produced by DJ Swift and Dubba-AA, Turk tells listeners they didn't see this collaboration coming and says he had to do a remix. Weezy kicks off the track showcasing his classic flow. "The mac already loaded/The backwood lookin' loaded/My killers look devoted/My children look supported," he raps.

After a verse from Turk, Kodak comes in for a final verse and holds his own next to two hip-hop veterans. "Say if we beefin' I ain't tweetin', I'm too G for that/I done drunk too much of lean might catch a sleep attack," Kodak raps. "Ain't have to drop a hit, I'll drop a nigga like an album/Ain't gotta be a singer, but I still release 'em."

Last year, Turk took an issue to Kodak sending shots at Weezy. While the rapper assured everyone that he was cool with Kodak, he reminded the Florida rapper of Lil Wayne's lyrical prowess.

"Man I fuck with Kodak Black, but c’mon man, y’all already know. Ain’t no nigga fuckin’ with Wayne when it comes to this mufuggin’ pen game," Turk said. "Ain’t no nigga fuckin’ with Wayne. This shit been goin’ on since we were young niggas, dawg. Wayne always was the type of nigga, when a nigga was druggin’ and thuggin,’ Wayne was focused."

Listen to the "Fuck How It Turn Out (Remix)" below.

Original HotBoyTurk via SoundCloud
Original HotBoyTurk via SoundCloud

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