Troy Ave is sick of people acting crazy around him. The Brooklyn rapper gets some things off his chest on the new track "Loco" produced Yaiquab and Shemon Luster. The song will appaer on Troy's White Christmas 4 mixtape, which is scheduled to drop on Dec. 23.

"Mufuckas wanna act loco/Hit 'em up with shots from the fo-fo/Say I can't do promo/Can't do no shows/Fuck rap, coke by the boat load," Troy raps on the hook.

The former XXL Freshman referenced the restrictions he's under while out on $500,000 bail. Troy has a 11 p.m. curfew and must stay out of all nightclubs and concert halls. He is also not allowed outside of the New York state line or the five boroughs.

Troy's lawyer, John Stella, claims the rapper is “barely getting by” due to the restrictions of his release. The BSB founder's limitations have not allowed him to tour, which is how he makes most of his money. Stella claimed his client was making $6,000 to $10,000 a show. “It’s hard to release music if he can’t promote it with live performances,” the lawyer said.

Despite the adversity Troy is facing, he continues to try to make the best of a difficult situation. The rapper recently spoke to a group of 20 high school students at Columbia Teacher’s College. The talk was part of Troy's new role as the national spokesman of professor Christopher Emdin's Hip Hop Education program.

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