With his new street album Dope Boy Troy Vol. 2: NuPac coming out soon, Troy Ave is back with new music. The album was originally supposed to release last Friday (April 14). "I Ain't Mad at Cha," which is produced by Trilogy, flips Tupac's iconic All Eyez On Me record and finds Troy taking swings at Casanova in the second verse. Troy accuses Cas of being a rat and stealing his ad-libs. Cas responded to Troy Ave on Twitter but took down the tweet soon after.

The back and forth between Troy and Casanova has been going on for a while. Last week, Cas clowned Troy’s The Breakfast Club interview in which Dope Boy Troy said he was the second coming of Tupac. Some folks are hoping the beef deescalates before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. Funkmaster Flex took to Twitter to voice his opinion, saying the beef between both Brooklyn rappers might get deadly if someone doesn’t step in to quell the situation.

In addition to the Casanova jabs, Troy reflects on the losses he experienced in his life. The Brooklyn MC lost his best friend and security guard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, last spring when they were involved in a shooting at Irving Plaza.

"Real nigga die, fake nigga went to jail/Ain't no balance, I need murder on that scale/I wanna say more but the people on my trial/I gotta be cautious while I'm prepping for this trial/I sat for two months they wouldn't give ur boy a bail/I sat for two months they couldn't get your boy to tell," he raps.

McPhatter’s family is not too happy with Troy Ave. They think the rapper is exploiting the death of Banga, and McPhatter’s sister Jaime Albert blamed the Brooklyn rapper for her brother’s untimely death, explaining neither she nor her family had even heard about the fund until seeing it on the news.

In addition to the new song, Troy went on Instagram to respond to the criticisms from the McPhatter’s family.

"Im a very prideful person but Im puttin all of that 2 tha side because the Love I have 4my boi Bang is stronger than any pride," he wrote. "And the Love that I know he has 4 you is more important than that as well. I don't wanna be all dragged out, I can't even really find the words 2 say cause I never been thru this type of thing before; I just want 2 respectfully say Ms McPhatter, When everything 1st happened I was hospitalized & incarcerated, with very limited contact 2 anyone let alone u. I was in a position where I was unable to properly mourn for the loss of my friend and still had to fight 4 my freedom at the same time. In that time I only heard & felt negativity coming from all angles. Tbh, I didnt know how 2 approach u with my condolences. Im still hurtin now from the loss of Bang, but I jus want u 2 know that me & your son traveled the world & really really enjoyed life to the fullest."

Bump "I Ain't Mad at Cha" below.

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