About two years ago, a young kid from Canton, Ohio named Trippie Redd hopped on the scene and started making noise with projects like Awakening My InnerBeast and Beast Mode. A platinum single, a cult following, enshrinement in XXL Freshman lore and a handful of projects later, the 19-year-old genre-fusing artist delivers his official introduction to the world on his debut album, Life's a Trip.

Big 14's trippy ride contains 14 songs, including the platinum single "Dark Knight Dummo" featuring Travis Scott. The only other features on the album come from Young Thug and Reese LaFlare, leaving Tripp plenty of room to show off his eclectic vibes. Over the past couple of months, the rapper has been uploading several tracks, with "How You Feel" being the only one to make the final cut.

After what seemed like a meteoric rise to fame in 2016, Trippie Redd turned up last year with the release of the projects A Love Letter to You, A Love Letter to You 2, A Love Letter You'll Never Get and Angels and Demons with Lil Wop. In the process, he built a substantial following off his congruence of rap, rock overtones and droning vocal placements.

"I really just blend rock, R&B and rap together to create a sub-genre," he told XXL during his 2018 Freshman Class interview. "But it's very versatile. I do very versatile music. I love Kurt Cobain. My favorite band it KISS. Their image was crazy. I could be doing rap on this song. I could be doing full rock on this song. I could be doing rock-R&B. All that shit, just blended."

Don't expect him to change things up. "You can expect more rock influences [on the album]. You can expect more R&B. More cultural bangers," he added. "You know, shit like that really. More of everything."

Listen to Trippie Redd's new Life's a Trip album below.

Trippie Redd's Life's a Trip Album Tracklist

1. "Together"
2. "Taking a Walk"
3. "Wish" [Trippie Mixx]
4. "Missing My Idols"
5. "Forever Ever" featuring Young Thug and Reese LaFlare
6. "Bird Shit"
7. "Bang!"
8. "How You Feel"
9. "Dark Knight Dummo" featuring Travis Scott
10. "Uka Uka"
11. "Shake It Up"
12. "Oomps Revenge"
13. "Gore"
14. "Underwater FlyZone"

Caroline/TenThousand Projects, LLC
Caroline/TenThousand Projects, LLC

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