Days after revealing the cover and release date for his forthcoming A Love Letter to You 2 mixtape, Trippie Redd returns to drop off a new song. This one's called "Bust Down," and it's a track that finds Redd getting cocky.

On the song, which was produced by Goose the Guru, Redd flaunts his knack for melody over some intermittent piano and soft percussion as he finds flexes in every way imagninable. "Smoke a pussy nigga like a Newport," he raps in one part of the song. "What's your net worth/Yeah, pussy boy what's your net worth/Diamonds 'round my neck, like what's my net worth?" he continues.

"Bust Down" marks yet another solid new song from Redd, who's seen his stock rise significantly over the last several months. Although his melodies and rock-leaning musicality have earned him constant comparisons to Philadelphia's Lil Uzi Vert, Redd insists that he's got this own distinctive style. “They always compare me to Uzi," Redd told us when we interviewed him back in July.

He continued, "I try to explain how it’s not Uzi. It’s like we low-key kind of have the same cadence, but not. We make total opposite music, I don’t even make music like him. I make crazy shit. He’s just now making a song that relates to his life like that. That 'XO Tour Llif3' shit, that’s why it went platinum. He finally figured out what he needed to do. He broke up with Brittany and made a song about it. Okay. I been doing that type of shit. I got “Love Scars” tatted on my face. I made a song called 'Love Scars,' like come on bro."

Redd went on to say that collabing with Uzi would be the only way to stop the comparisons. "I feel like [Uzi and I] just need to make music so people will shut the fuck up. They wanna see us together in some shit and then they won’t say that shit no more, I’ll be my own person. I’m getting every type of co-sign, I know he listens to me. I’ve been told for a fact that he listens to my music. Playboi Carti follows me. It’s all love. I fuck with Uzi. I like Uzi music.”

Check out Redd's own distinctive sound for yourself by listening to "Bust Down" below.

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