Recently, the folks at TMZ reported that 6ix9ine attempted to reach out to California rap legend Snoop Dogg for help easing tensions with West Coast gang members. Now, the Brooklyn rapper's one-time friend Trippie Redd has offered up his take on Trippie's attempt, and in a few words, he's not feeling it.

Speaking with celebrity news outlet once again this past Saturday (May 19), Trippie answered a question about Tekashi's alleged attempt to get help from Snoop, who was recently in New York City to DJ at 1 Oak.

"That guy's a goofball," Trippie says in the video. "You're supposed to be the biggest Blood and you're just asking all the Crips for help?" 6ix9ine has been said to be a member of the Bloods and Snoop has been a Crip for over 20 years.

It can't be said for sure why—or if—6ix9ine attempted to reach Snoop while he was in N-Y, but if he did, Trippie definitely doesn't respect the move. These days, it seems like the Canton, Ohio-bred rapper doesn't like much of anything the 6ix9ine does.

If you haven't been keeping score, the two have been feuding for months now, and it doesn't appear it will die down any time soon. The two had been cool in the past, collaborating on “Poles 1469” back in 2017. Eventually, though, Trippie referenced 6ix9ine's sexual misconduct conviction on social media, and things went down hill from there.

In other bits of the short interview, Trippie implies that he's not against meeting with President Trump. He also says that, although he wouldn't make songs with viral sensation Lil Tay, he'd definitely hang out with her.

Some time after this interview, a bouncer came out to confront Trippie and his crew, but the 18-year-old quickly managed to drive away. The bouncer claims a fight had just popped off inside of a West Hollywood, Calif. restaurant by the name of Delilah, and that Trippie's crew was connected.

Watch the interview below.

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