Trick Daddy says there's a stocking cap shortage and he's blaming women for it. Recently, the Miami rap legend went on a tirade urging women to stop buying all the stocking caps at the beauty supply store.

Trick Daddy Gets Angry at Women for Buying All the Stocking Caps

On Saturday (July 8), Trick Daddy went on his Instagram page and posted a video of himself expressing his frustration with women who are buying up all the stocking caps at beauty supply stores. In the clip, the "Take It to da House" rapper said he can't find any stocking caps because women are buying them all.

According to him, stocking caps are men's products (since there's a man's face on them) and women should find something else to use for their wigs.

"I goes to the store to get products and supplies that a man supposed to buy and y'all using all the [expletive] stocking caps on them wigs," Trick began in his video (see below). "Now I ain't got no f**king stocking caps."

"Y'all gotta figure out another way to put them wigs on and leave them stocking caps alone," he continued. "There's a man on the stocking cap thing. Why y'all using the muthaf**kin' stocking caps on the muthaf**kin' wigs?"

"Find another way to do it, man," he added. "I'm sick of this s**t. Leave the f**kin' stocking caps alone. Shop in the woman's aisle. Leave the f**kin caps alone."

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Trick Daddy Supports Independent and Assertive Women

While Trick Daddy's stocking cap tirade may have led some to believe that he is sexist, he is actually a supporter of assertive women, especially those from Miami.

For example, the rap veteran jumped on his IG page to share his thoughts on the viral incident between JT and Lil Uzi Vert at the 2023 BET Awards in June. If you recall, the City Girls rapper was filmed throwing her phone at the Pink Tape rapper.

Trick defended JT's actions by stating that Miami women don't play games and what she did was appropriate Miami women behavior.

"Now, let me explain something to you n***as. If you not from Miami, if you not from the state of Florida, leave our Miami and Florida b***hes alone if you don't understand them. All y'all b***hes got something to say about JT, 'Oh, she was ratchet. Too ghetto.' That's what you get when you f**k with a Miami b***h," he said.

"I actually thought she represented," he continued. "I heard some n***as was over there, some fuddy-dutty and all that s**t talking about what they was gon' do to her. Y'all ain't gon' f**k with my homegirl. That's my homegirl, man. That's how Miami b***hes react. That's how they behave. That's how we raised them. What y'all expect out of her? She aint' do s**t wrong."

Watch Trick Daddy's full JT video below.

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