Miami hip-hop has a long history of vulgar voices. From 2 Live Crew's horndog visuals to Trina's carnal bars about cunnilingus, much of the music of the 305 isn't grandparent-appropriate. The City Girls, comprised of JT and Yung Miami, are the latest rappers born from that lineage.

Newly signed to Quality Control Music, City Girls began taking over the airwaves last year with the duo's debut single, "Fuck Dat Nigga," a raunchy, in-your-face song for the independent women of the world. The track, which samples Khia's 2002 classic cut "My Neck My Back," appears on Quality Control's Control The Streets Volume 1 compilation, boasting bars like, "You want a freak, pussy pink like bubblegum/But talk is cheap, fuck nigga, this ain't free lunch."

"Fuck Dat Nigga" went viral after the premiere of its video, which features cameos from DJ Khaled and Trina, Yung Miami's longtime family friend. "All I can remember is always going to the fair with her when it come around every year and there’d be bodyguards," she recalls of younger memories with Trina. "Everybody running up to her like, 'Can I take a picture?'"

Like Trina, City Girls' JT and Yung Miami can spit and secure the bag. Growing up in one of America's most beautiful—albeit dangerous—cities, the two young women learned to hustle early on from their mothers, who always dated wealthy men and taught them to follow suit. That much is evident from tracks like "How to Pimp a Nigga," "Where the Bag At" and "No Time (Broke Nigga)," which appear on their debut mixtape, Period.

"My car in high school, a boy bought it with his income tax check," JT says, revealing her biggest finesse. "I taught him how to file it and I took his whole $8,000. He bought me a Altima coupe."

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Names: Jatavia Johnson (JT) & Caresha Brownlee (Yung Miami)

Ages: JT, 25; Yung Miami, 24

Hometown: Miami

We grew up listening to:

Yung Miami: "Trina and Jacki-O."

JT: "I always listen to gospel music, I ain’t gon lie. Like, all the time. When I was trying to show people our music, I was like oh man my gospel music is showing [as a personalized Twitter trending topic]. [I listen to] Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin; the popular people."

Our style has been compared to:

Both: "Trina."

Most people don’t know:

Yung Miami: "I’m goofy. I think everything’s funny. I don’t take nothing serious. Nothing."

JT: "I’m nice. I’m really a sweetheart. People don’t think that about me, but I really am."

Our standout moment to date:

JT: "Our project, to me. Oh my god, [the response has] been so good. I was up the other night and I just randomly was finna get on my phone and listen to music, and we were trending on Apple Music. I was like, what the hell? I was surprised, ’cause I didn’t think like that. I thought it was just gon be like our first mixtape just gonna come out."

Yung Miami: "I thought it was, I ain’t gon lie. We been trending."

JT: "I was stressed out."

Our most slept-on record is:

JT: "'Fuck Dat Nigga.' A lot of people didn’t get the song, but that was a good song. A lot of people slept on it, but at the same time it balanced itself out. But a lot of people judged us by that."

We’re going to blow up because:

Yung Miami: "We be prayin [laughs]. We put in our work; we go hard. We deserve this."

JT: "And we’re with the best label. I didn’t think we’d have 16 songs on our mixtape—I thought it was gon' be like nine [laughs]. I feel like we can do it ’cause all our songs sound good."

Our goal in hip-hop:

Yung Miami: "To be big like the Migos, worldwide icons, legends."

JT: "Yeah, we don’t wanna be small, we wanna do everything. Have stuff named after us."

We’re going to be the next:

Both: "Migos! [laughs]"

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Standouts: Period

"Fuck Dat Nigga"

"I'll Take Your Man"

"Where The Bag At"

"Run Them Bands Up" Featuring Trina

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