And just like that, the saga of Treach versus Wack 100 has come to an end. Yesterday the Naughty by Nature rapper used his Instagram account to apologize for his role in the conflict while acknowledging the two had ended their beef.

The feud began when Treach dissed Wack and Funkmaster Flex for making some offensive comments about his friend 2Pac. “TREACH BOYARDEE JUST BBQ BAKED THESE 2 BITCH BOYS ON A NEXT BANGER CALLED ” 2 GUNS & ROSES “, I’M IN L.A., WHERE MY 2PAC RIDAZ@ ?” Treach wrote in an Instagram post announcing the completion of a diss record directed at the two rap game tenants.

From there, Wack returned shots, but seemed far more interested in actually throwing hands with Treach than creating any more Instagram posts. Wack claimed to have left his phone number for Treach to set up the fade, but ultimately the fight never materialized, and Treach called for a truce. Now, it appears he's reached it.

"1ST off I'm a Man About mine's & SEND MY APOLOGYS TO WACK 100 FOR Me Not Getting Contact with him before It got out there, APPRECIATE THAT HE WAS A STAND UP REAL ONE THAT DIDN'T COME WITH EVERYTHING HE COULD HAVE & AINT RUN FOR NOTHING & Love the WORDS OF WISDOM WE JUST SHARED, WITH A MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING & RESPECT!!; WE MADE AMENDS," Treach wrote in his Instagram post announcing the end of his beef with The Game's manager.

You can peep Treach's Instagram post, and the more inflammatory ones that preceded it, just below.

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