Tray Chaney is a multi-talented artist from Maryland, first becoming popular from his role as Poot in the inimitable television show The Wire. In addition to acting, he is a rapper, and recently shared the video for his song "S.A.M (Strictly About Music)," showing his commitment to hip-hop.

The video, which is co-directed by D3V and Chaney himself, starts with up-close shots of Chaney strolling through an unnamed neighborhood and rapping. Scenes of him recording the song in a studio as the producer works on the track are shown. Tray performs most of his verses in front of street art and graffiti, and seemingly gets more animated as the visual goes on.

Over the old-school rap influenced (yet still modern) beat, Tray raps about his journey through life. "I took the man route, never needed no handout/No sleep is what it took to stand out," he raps, showing that it took hustle for things to work. "I heard a thousand no's before I heard a yes/That's why after every show, I beat on my chest/Didn't do it by myself, but I did do it/Whether rain, sleet or snow, It was still movin'."

He also gives a nod to his hometown later in the first verse: "I'm a different pedigree/Without rhymin' 'bout weaponry/ the world still accepting me, the DMV is reppin' me/I'm on TV every week, that's how you know it's real/But, don't get it twisted, I'm still the same Tray from Forestville."

Tray Chaney is currently on Bounce TV's show Saints and Sinners, and dropped another music video, "You Think You Know," earlier this year. He's also working on bringing a film about Bay area legend Mac Dre to life in 2014.

Watch Tray Chaney's "S.A.M (Strictly About Music)" video below.

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