Tray Chaney earned the fame he enjoys today through a role as Poot in HBO's landmark TV series, The Wire, but he takes this rapping thing pretty seriously, too. That's something you'll quickly realize while watching his cinematic new video for "You Think You Know."

In the video for the song, Chaney is a down on his luck father who finds trouble filling up his gas tank and struggles to support his son. Without sustainable income, Chaney's just trying to make it week to week, and at the beginning of the video, he learns of an opportunity to do so. That opportunity comes in the form of a robbery, which, at least at first, doesn't seem like something Tray's really all that interested in.

Throughout the vid, we see a pensive Chaney, who, in real life has spoken about producing a film about Mac Dre, sitting alone or standing in an alleyway contemplating ways out of poverty. When he's not doing that, he's running up on people in the street, seemingly trying to offer up his new mixtape. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if those random strangers are feeling it.

With seemingly all of his reasonable options exhausted, Chaney eventually decides to rob the out of towner drug dealer that's recently entered his community. That goes smoothly enough, but an unexpected witness complicates matters more than he ever could've expected.

A current star on Bounce TV's Saints and Sinners, Chaney dropped his S.A.M (Strictly About Music) album back in December, and "You Think You Know" is on it. You can cop the album on iTunes.

Check out Tray Chaney's new video for yourself below.

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