Travis Scott is mostly known for his rapping and producing abilities within hip-hop, but he has now transcended into a marketing genius.

In 2020, when most musicians found themselves unable to tour or drop music due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Trav was able to switch gears and build lucrative partnerships with brands like McDonald's, Nike, Sony and more. According to Forbes, his brand collaborations across fashion, food and entertainment netted him $100 million last year.

By cobranding himself and endorsing various products, Travis gained the trust of the people while helping companies tap into youth culture. Since the Houston rhymer has proven himself to be a successful businessman who has secured the bag multiple times, there's much to be learned from his business moves.

For example, Trav likes to tease a product first without advance warning. The 28-year-old rapper did that with his "Franchise" music video last year. In the visual, Travis held a can of his new hard seltzer beverage Cacti without and threw his new brand into his lyrics for the song too. Since then, there's been huge anticipation for the drink, which hits stores in March of 2021.

Travis also likes to put a creative spin on nostalgic brands. For McDonald's, the Astroworld creator revisited his childhood love of burgers and fries. McDonald's rarely does merchandise deals, but that changed when La Flame was on board. Together, they created three different merch drops with over 90 items, including T-shirts, crewnecks, hats, a chicken nugget body pillow, rugs and more. Altogether, the merch sold out within minutes of each release, proving that Travis knows what the youth likes.

So while looking at his partnership deals, his lyrics and other aspects of his money-making moves, XXL highlights the ways not to fumble the bag according to Travis Scott's business moves. You can apply them to your own life to make a deal and, more importantly, secure the bag. Check them out below.

See the Ways Not to Fumble the Bag According to Travis Scott

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