It appears the release of at least one of Travis Scott's new projects—AstroWorld or his as-yet-untitled joint project with Quavo—is imminent. The question is, which one? Based on a new mid-concert freestyle, that's a question even the Houston rapper doesn't have an answer for.

At a Wisconsin concert earlier this month, Travis launched into a freestyle and revealed one of his newest projects was coming soon, though he didn't know which. “Which one? I don’t know. Which one? I don’t know. Album coming soon,” he spit. “I’ve been up late working on some tunes. Album coming soon.”

Of course, this news isn't entirely new. Travis has teased AstroWorld and his collab project with Quavo for months now. In a recent interview with the folks at GQTravis, whose Kendrick Lamar-assisted single, "Goosebumps," went platinum back in March, discussed his Quavo joint project without revealing any concrete details.

“The Quavo album is coming soon. I’m dropping new music soon. You know how I do it though: I like surprises,” he revealed at the time. It's too bad we have no idea when "real soon" could be. On the bright side, listening to Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight hasn't gotten old yet, so maybe everyone can hold off for a while. He also gifted us with three new songs the other week, including one with Playboi Carti, so we aren't starved for new La Flame.

Check out Travis Scott's somewhat revelatory mid-concert freestyle for yourself below, plus hear a new song with Quavo he played at SoundSet after that.

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