Travis Scott and Quavo pull up with a new Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho visual. Released on Monday (April 16), this video's for a track called "Black & Chinese," which is one of the best cuts off the 2017 project.

Directed by DAPS, the cinematic new video finds Scott and Quavo kicking it outside of what looks like a pool outside of a lavish mansion. They don't really do much else besides kicking it with some bikini-rocking baddies, but they definitely look cool doing it.

The track itself mirrors the visual as it paints a flossy portrait of the fast life, something both Travis Scott and Quavo are more than a little familiar with at this point. Scott leads things off with some ice-cold flexes.

"These not 40 pointers/Dripping like quarter water (water)/Really don't see you sorta (sorta)/Moving in and out the border (border)/Really ain't takin' orders (orders)/Living a dangerous life (life)/Hell try to melt the ice (ice)/Levitate through the night (night)," spits the new father.

From there, Quavo takes the stunting baton, letting off a barrage of similar flexes as he lets loose a verse laced with light melody. "But I ain't go tell nigga (no snitching)/All this water they collecting in the well, nigga (splash)/All these bales that we laying on that scale, nigga (bales)/All my niggas they free outta jail, we on the way up, nigga," the Migos rapper spits.

Watch Travis Scott and Quavo's new video for "Black & Chinese" below.

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