Your boy Lyor Cohen be wilding on Snapchat sometimes, and today while sitting in the park he let a golden nugget slip - Travis Scott has a single with Young Thug coming soon.

"I was in the studio yesterday with Travis Scott," says Lyor in the video above. "He has an album that is going to be a classic." Later, Lyor says, "Thug and Travis are gonna finish up Travis's first single that we're gonna put out in the next few days. Yeah, you heard that."

You'll recall Thugger and Travis going on tour for Rodeo last year, as Thug was featured on the early single "Mamacita." A new song featuring these two together is a brilliant idea for the head of 300 Ent., who happens to manage Travis as well, by the way.

Travis has been quiet as of late, touring with Rihanna for ANTI and teasing "Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight," whatever that is. Perhaps it's the single with Thug that Lyor is talking about, but either way you can hear a snippet of it below.

While Travis had an excellent 2015 with his Rodeo album, Thugger himself is gearing up for a big year. He's already dropped two tapes - I'm Up and Slime Season 3 - and now has his eye trained on HiTunes, the official debut album that fans have been waiting years for. His tour is set to start in May and Lil Yachty will be joining him for it.

Lyor's Snapchat also offered another gem. On a whiteboard in a room at 300 Ent.'s office, it seems to say that Travis Scott will also be on an upcoming single called "Yeah Yeah" from Young Thug's HiTunes. Peep the image below.

Let's hope Lyor is right and we get Travis and Thug's new single in the next couple days.

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