A recent Travi$ Scott show didn't go quite as expected, as the rapper booted the club DJ off stage for constantly messing up his set.

The Texas artist was performing at New City Gas nightclub in Montreal, Canada, on Friday (Dec. 30), when things went left.

Video footage has surfaced of the concert, which shows the G.O.O.D. Music rapper clearly agitated with the record spinner, who seems not to be able to do his job correctly. "Just play a song you fucking moron," Scott scolds the DJ.

"The worst DJ in Montreal is right here on stage, yo," he adds, before trying to inject some life into the crowd with, "The best rapper in the world is on stage right now though."

After the errors persist, La Flame gets even more heated. "Yo get off the stage, please," he says. "Yo this trash ass DJ is fucking up everything I'm trying to do right now. It's pissing me off."

The DJ ends up walking off stage during Scott's performance of "Goosebumps," which leaves Travi$ to mix the records himself.

Last month, Travi$ snapped on a security guard for snatching a mic out of a fan's hand. That time, he was less nice about the whole situation.

“I will smack the fuck out of you nigga,” Scott said in full autotune. “Don’t you ever take a motherfucking mic out of my fucking fans’ hands, man. Motherfucking Tony, get this nigga out my face, man. Get this nigga out my face. No security touches a Travis Scott fan, bro. It’s not how we rocking, bro. Take yo ass to the left. You fucking big earlobe, earring wearing, fat motherfucker.”

In related news, Travis recently announced he will be dropping his new album Astroworld in 2017, and stepping up his production output.

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