Travis Scott has reportedly filed legal papers to have an Astroworld Festival lawsuit dismissed.

According to a report from TMZ, published on Monday (Dec. 6), Travis Scott filed court documents to have a claim by Jessie Garcia, who alleges he was in the crowd at the 2021 Astroworld Festival, dismissed. Additionally, the embattled rapper-producer is also seeking to have all Astroworld Festival civil lawsuits against him dismissed.

Regarding Garcia's case, LaFlame is asking to have the case dismissed with prejudice as it pertains to himself, Travis' company Jack Enterprises and his label Cactus Jack. In Travis Scott's documents, he has reportedly issued a "general denial," which is legal jargon in civil cases to allow defendants to submit one blanket response to all the allegations against them.

To clarify, the Houston rhymer is claiming that he is not responsible for any deaths or injuries that happened at the Astroworld Festival and is asking a judge to dismiss the claims against him and his affiliated parties.

An insider close to the situation apparently told the media outlet that the artist is planning to use a similar argument with all the civil suits against him.

Scott's response to the plaintiff filing is reportedly standard and reiterates some reports that claim he is not legally liable. Apparently critical failures by multiple authorities tasked with ensuring the safety of attendees during Astroworld Festival, "including inadequate and poorly trained security, deficient coordination between city officials and festival management, and a nearly hour-long delay in halting the show after the danger became apparent” are part of the argument that Scott should not be responsible.

According to the outlet, a motion was reportedly filed to combine all 275 cases already on file thus far into one "multi-district litigation," which would basically consolidate the plethora of lawsuits into one. A judge has not ruled on the motion as of yet.

This comes as Travis Scott recently hired high-powered attorney Daniel Petrocelli, the lawyer who once defended Donald Trump, to represent him against his mounting Astroworld Festival lawsuits.

According to a Billboard report last week, over 250 lawsuits have been filed against Scott, Live Nation and other defendants affiliated with the mass casualty at Astroworld Festival on Nov. 5. To date, the cases represent over 850 people. The total damages have reached an excess of $3 billion. The complaints accuse Travis, Live Nation and other parties of gross negligence by allegedly creating an environment that incited thousands of people to surge near the stage, which crushed festival-goers in front.

XXL has reached out to Travis Scott's attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, and the rapper's reps for comment.

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