Madison, Wisc. rapper Trapo is a promising 19-year-old who's been gradually making a name for himself. The up-and-comer drops his newest single "Love Me Anyway," a record that is co-produced by Two Another.

"Love Me Anyway" shows off Trapo's versatility as an rapper, easily blending between rapping and singing while providing just enough kick to make your head nod.

"Tell me it's real/That it's more than my name/That it's more than the dope we smoke/When we going through pain/Never wanted to meet the folks/Know they would be ashamed/Of the nigga you went and chose," he raps.

"Love Me Anyway" follows up “Break From Me” and “Blink,” his collaboration with Alex Wiley and Thelonious Martin. Trapo started buzzing heavily after his excellent 2016 project Shade TreesXXL spoke to Trapo for The Break and asked him about his sound.

“As far as my sound, I can’t really put a label to it right now because it’s so early,” he said. “It’s definitely hip-hop, neo-soul and elements of rock in it. I’m not a rock artist by any means but the production takes pieces of all genres to make a new sound.”

Bump 'Love Me Anyway" below.

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