Ever since "Say It" made a crater in national radio playlists last year, Tory Lanez has become one of the most talked about new artists in recent memory. Like most rappers who finally get the recognition they deserve, Tory's been grinding for a long time up North, with his Chixtape series, setting an early precedent for his pop-tinged music. Now the Toronto rapper/singer is in full grind mode and as part of his recent campaign, he's been taking plenty of opportunities to poke at one of his rivals in the 6: Drake.

In 2010, Tory issued a challenge to Drake, saying if the OVO leader heard Tory's music and didn't like it, the youngin would pay his elder $10,000. Drake never acknowledged the challenge.

Fast forward five years later, and things seem to be getting a little rockier between the two as Tory's buzz grows and Drake remains atop the hip-hop world. Whether it's via interviews, subliminal shots or Twitter, Tory's found a way to get at Drake time and time again in recent months.

The 6 God has brushed off these shots, but there may come a time -- perhaps on his upcoming Views From the 6 album -- when he feels the need to respond directly. Tracing their history, it may look like Tory's been itching to get Drake's attention for years and it's curious that Drake's never directly recognized the kid.

Now that "L.A. Confidential" is creeping up the charts, XXL surveys all the shots Tory's has thrown at Drake on his way to the top. And there are plenty.

  • The New Toronto

    In December of 2015, Tory drops two new tapes, Chixtape 3 and The New Toronto. That second title had many people guessing he was taking shots at the "established" Toronto artist Drake, which lead to the If You're Reading This It's Too Late creator mentioning it on "Summer Sixteen": "All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little / All your exes know I like my O’s with a V in the middle."

  • Calling Toronto "The 6" Isn't Cool

    Back in October of 2015, Tory tweeted about how it wasn't cool for people to start calling Toronto "The 6."
    Twitter quickly reminded him that he'd done so before, but everyone was sure he was just saying it to poke at Drake's recent use of the term.

    Drake's underling P Reign shot back at Tory on Instagram before the tweets were deleted: "Behave yourself before I really have to remind people your [sic] from Brampton."

  • "Uber Everywhere"

    Earlier this year, Tory remixed Madeintyo's hit "Uber Everywhere" and delivered the lines, “Pussy boy, smack that smile clean off your face / You don’t know no trap niggas, you don’t be around this way / You some actor nigga boy, I used to see you on the screen.” Many took that as a shot at Drake, and it came as a surprise after Tory said he'd never diss him.

  • Drake Must Think He's a Threat

    In an interview with DJ Drama earlier this year, Tory Lanez said that Drake probably felt threatened by him, hence his retort on "Summer Sixteen." In that same interview, Tory said he didn't want to be a part of the XXL 2016 Freshmen cover because he felt he was in a higher league musically than the other artists being considered.


  • Tory Responds to "Summer Sixteen"

    Months after Drake drops his track "Summer Sixteen" with a sly shot at Tory, the latter responds on "Line Up the Flex" with A$AP Ferg by saying, "For them niggas that was hating on me, even though a nigga used to tell 'em all/I was never ever gang, gang, gang, gang, I was One Umbrella Mob."

  • Coming For the Crown

    In a new interview with Tory Lanez, he emphasizes that the only beef he'd ever have with Drake is in regards to competing for the No. 1 spot. He has no personal beef with Drizzy, but he is coming for that crown. Watch the interview below.

  • "Unlike You, I'm Good in Philly"

    During a recent tour stop in Philly, Tory hopped on Snapchat and let it known that while he's good in the city, a certain Toronto artist certainly isn't.

  • "I'm Better Than Him"

    In a new interview, Tory straight up says he's better than Drake. Watch it below.

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