Tory Lanez has finally responded to Don Q.

On Monday (Jan. 28), the Toronto rapper released “Don Queen” his response track to Don Q’s diss song “I’m Not Joyner.”

Using the beat of Drake’s Pusha-T diss “Duppy Freestyle,” Tory runs down why the Bronx rapper is no match for his lyrical fire. He even suggest that he’s running behind the coattails of fellow rapper and friend A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

"Uh, live from the DM, I’m hollerin' at your BM/We discussin' which color casket you 'bout to leave in/I did this shit for no reason, I'm lettin' rookies battle/But how did I get in this battle with A Boogie's shadow?/Big Apple, New York City, more to pity/How could I beef with a dude who only poppin' in four cities?/I made Forbes with Diddys and sat top floors with 50s," Tory spits on the track.

Their rap feud started over the weekend when Tory made the bold claim that he’s the best rapper alive and that Pusha-T and J. Cole weren’t ready to lyrically battle him. Don Q objected to his boast and accused him of stealing his bars from his Hot 97 freestyle.

On Saturday (Jan. 26), Don Q delivered the first lyrical salvo with “I’m Not Joyner.”

"This is when it gets spicy, you went to Funk Flex and started spitting just like me/Speak up if I'm lying/You told me you watched my freestyle hundreds of times/I guess that's why you sound like me in a couple of lines," he spitted on the track, alluding to him biting his Hot 97 freestyle.

Tory dismissed the song and on Sunday (Jan. 28), wrote on his Instagram story, “Here in America. The champ is here! That's what you came with, nigga? Fuck outta here.”

There’s no word if Don Q heard Tory’s response track or not. But it looks like he is up for the lyrical challenge. Stay tuned, this could get interesting.

Listen to Tory Lanez’s “Don Queen” diss song below.

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