Kanye West has had good luck stopping leaks in the past, but his latest album Yeezus just popped up earlier today. This what you all been waiting for, ain’t it? Why, yes it is.

The album officially drops on June 18, so do yourself a favor and cop it along with the others. The big day wasn’t the only thing buzzing this week in news. 2 Chainz was robbed. Then, he got into some more trouble at LAX for trying to smuggle marijuana and syrup on his flight.

Another suprises included Freddie Gibbs lashing out at Young Jeezy after his CTE stint, Mike Dean hints at another Watch The Throne and Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III is commemorated with an oral history. Here are the top headlines in hip-hop.

1. 2 Chainz Gets Robbed, Arrested And Booked All In The Same Week
2 Chainz is having a rough week. First, he was robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco, which recent TMZ footage confirmed the incident. A few days later, Chainz’ bodyguard Harold "Hammer Strength" Folsom spoke about it on Power 107.5 in Columbus, Ohio and recalled exactly what happened.

"They pointed the guns at us and we was like 'Whoa!' We thought it was a joke for a minute. We looked at them, we stopped, kinda paused. We thought it was a joke. Then all we heard was, '2 Chainz, give it up. So we like stood there and didn't do anything, and we kinda like froze, 'cause we wanted to see if this was real. All of a sudden, the next thing you know, 2 Chainz kinda like backed up a little bit. And then he said, 'Give it up. Give it up.' And then all of a sudden he took off. He took off running first. When he took off running, we took off running. Then all of a sudden these dudes, they just start shooting. I don't know where they shot at."

On top of that, Chainz was arrested and booked on narcotics possession, while attempting to board a plane in LAX. Thankfully, he updated us on Twitter and said he’s good: "Life gone have its ups and downs , as long as u in the middle u good. So we good yal." Hopefully, things are better next week for Tit.

2. Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III Recounted Through Oral History For 5th Anniversary
June 10 marked the fifth anniversary of Lil Wayne’s biggest selling album, Tha Carter III. To celebrate, XXL gathered some of his collaborators to share the stories behind C3. 2008 was Wayne’s most prolific year to date, dropping several remixes on a number of mixtapes. C3 left an impactful mark on hip-hop and officially made him a superstar.

3. Freddie Gibbs Airs Out His Frustrations On Young Jeezy
Freddie Gibbs is finally breaking his silence on his fallout with Young Jeezy. During our interview, Gibbs touched on Jeezy not sticking to his word when he was signed to CTE. “Anything he tells you, it’s going to be fake,” Gibbs said. In a follow-up interview, Gibbs confirmed with MTV News that he wants to force a response from Jeezy. Furthermore, he has been receiving death threats on Twitter, but continues to brush them off. “Hey man, I know it hurts you to hear your favorite rapper’s a fraud. It ain’t my fault.”

4. 10 Things We Learned From Kanye West’s ‘New York Times’ Interview
Kanye West gave a compelling interview with the New York Times on his forthcoming album, music career, early inspirations, style regrets and plenty more. We complied the ten best quotes from the piece in cased you missed it. You can read the rest of the article here.

5. Mike Dean Says Kanye West And Jay-Z Will Eventually Come Together For Another Album
During Mike Dean’s HuffPo Live interview, the producer/engineer, who works closely with West, hinted that another Watch The Throne would come eventually. When followed up with Dean to see if they had laid anything down yet. Though Dean didn’t confirm or deny it, he says, “It was just a really fun album. It was great tour, so why not do another?”

6. DJ Drama Confirms Dedication 5 Is Coming
Lil Wayne gave us a nice surprise when he jumped on the hottest instrumental in the streets. His version of “Bugatti” revealed that Dedication 5 was in the works. Shortly after, Drama confirmed the news but told fans to be patient.

7. DJ Quik’s Daughter Charged With The First-Degree Murder Of 2-Year-Old Son
According to News One, Davieanna Marlena Blake—the 21-year-old daughter of West Coast icon DJ Quik—was officially charged with 1st degree murder in the death of her two-year-old son. Blake and her 24-year-old boyfriend Darnell Moses Alvarez were found standing over the corpse of their son outside of their Arizona apartment last month.

8. Jonny Shipes Comments On Pushing Back Joey Bada$$’ Summer Knights EP
Joey Bada$$ took to Twitter to tell his fans that his long-awaited follow-up to last year’s massive debut mixtape 1999—titled Summer Knights—was getting pushed back until July 1, laying the blame at the feet of his Cinematic Music Group manager Jonny Shipes. We reached out to Shipes, who had this to say about the pushback: “We just felt that we needed 2 tweak a few things, mixes etc. The shit will be well worth the wait now back to smokin this doobie lol.”

9. Lil Durk To Be Released From Jail On June 19
You can finally stop the #FreeDurk campaign. Sources say he's coming home soon after his arrest for another gun charge.

10. Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken Restaurant Served With Eviction Papers
Flavor Flav’s reign as a restauranteur seems to be grinding to an inauspicious halt, as his final remaining Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken & Ribs place in Sterling Heights, MI was served with eviction papers, according to TMZ. Court papers apparently show that the restaurant owes $25,000 in back rent, late fees and damages dating back to the place’s grand opening in December of 2012.