Toosii is more than just a melodic rapper. There's a musical duality to his art. He delivers bars for the streets as well as rhymes that cater to the ladies. This is evident in the projects and albums he deems most important, which includes offerings from Lil Baby, Lil Durk, 2020 XXL Freshman Rod Wave and himself.

While at the 2021 XXL Freshman shoot, Toosii put folks on game about the rhymers he's listening to, the projects he knows verbatim and the artists responsible for making them.

"Top five favorite albums: Lil Baby, Too Hard, Lil Baby, Harder Than Hard," Toosii asserts. "Ain't nobody have a run like Lil Baby in a minute. Yeah, I know all the songs off both of them projects."

The Syracuse, N.Y.-born, Raleigh, N.C.-bred rapper then gives himself a nod for his own 2020 project. "Platinum Heart by me," Toosii shares. "That was the project that changed my life." That particular offering features his hit "Red Lights," which currently has over 18 million views on YouTube.

Next up, Toosii name-drops an XXL Freshman alumni. "SoulFly by Rod Wave," he says. "A lot people think Rod Wave just sings. He really rapped on that project."

And lastly, the 21-year-old rapper names a 2017 mixtape by Lil Durk, whom Toosii says is practically his family. "Signed to the Streets 2.5 by [Lil] Durk," Toosii concludes. "First of all, me and Durk like family. I know every song off that project."

Toosii's top five projects and albums are a balance of street rhymes and love vibes, which is what he delivers in his music as well.

Tap in to Toosii sharing his top five favorite hip-hop albums below.

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