Token continues to show the world that he can flat-out rap with the best of them. The latest example of that comes in the form of "Code Red," a striking new song and visual he unloaded on May 10.

The new visual is a slightly surreal one that finds Token in a couple of compromising positions during a visit to a baseball field. In the beginning of the video the rapper lays down on his back as some barking dogs surround him and he mouths the lyrics to his new tune. In another bit, we see Token with a boot pressing down on his face. There's nothing close to a clear explanation for why, exactly, that's happening, but it's definitely a scene that catches your attention.

The track itself, which is produced by Nox Beatz, is a showcase for Token's hammering lyricism. Over the course of two verses, the talented spitter piles rhyme on top of rhyme as he drills into a speaker-thumping instrumental.

"I do it all for the art, but I presently got impulsion/Profit, pussy, power. I definitely am indulging/Definitely took my focus/Definitely is the show biz/Definitely lying to you, is definitely not the motive/Definitely know some rappers who always study my flows/And actin' like they don't know me," spit the Salem, Mass. lyricist.

The video now has nearly a million views, which means he's speeding along his way to rap stardom. Speaking to XXL for The Break last winter, the rapper explained that he's taking his career one step at a time and that he hasn't set any goals for himself.

"I don’t look at goals for myself; I think I’m honestly too young to know," he explained at the time. "My goal is the next small step and if I keep following that it will take me to the place I need to be. I also want to inspire kids my age and younger, the kids that feel like you just have to go on this cycle and do what everyone else tells you you’re supposed to do and they never find originality because the world doesn’t allow them too. I just want to inspire people to find what they love to do and say fuck it all. That’s the message, especially for kids my way."

Word. Check out Token's new video for "Code Red" below.

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