On this day, Oct. 28, in hip-hop history...


2014: Future released his Monster mixtape, which was executive produced by Metro Boomin.

The project was arguably the most important of Future's career. Although the Atlanta rapper had experienced a lot of success in the previous years, things seemed to be on a downturn. His 2014 album Honest came and went. The staying power of Future seemed to be dwindling. But that all changed with the release of Monster.

Monster was the turning point in Future's music. The project was his first since breaking up with Ciara, and it showed. The content was much darker. The emotions of the Atlanta rapper were pouring out on every song. The project would provide a huge momentum swing in his career that carried on throughout 2015. Future began dropping new tapes at a furious rate, releasing the critically acclaimed Beast Mode and 56 Nights mixtapes in the first quarter of 2015. But it all started Monster.

The mixtape featured a lot of quality tracks, but none was bigger than "Fuck Up Some Commas." The certified platinum single was clear proof that Future's hit-making days were long from over. While some fans and critics may have felt like he eclipsed "Fuck Up Some Commas" with last year's "March Madness," the song's staying power was undeniable. Future had to include it on 2015's DS2, his third studio album and the follow-up to his memorable trilogy of mixtapes.

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