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Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

2014: Drake reaches deep into the well of his superstar talent by taking the reins as the host for the 2014 ESPY Awards.

Starting things off on a strong note, Drizzy opened up with a hilarious monologue with both a joke aimed at then Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stevenson (Lance Cam) and some self-aware humor poking fun at his perceived status as a fair weather fan.

"There are so many people here I respect. So many people I admire, that I would trade my life with," he said at one point in his opener. "I love all of you…until you start losing. Then you're dead to me."

From there, 6ix God kept up his momentum by injecting the night with some memorable one-liners and at least a few hilarious skits. In one bit, he engaged in a beef with then Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin as the two impersonated one another in one of the night’s very best skits. In another surprising bit from the Griffin skit, the Toronto rapper even made time to bring out his supposed rival, Chris Brown.

With jokes on jokes, a willingness to laugh at himself (see Skylar Diggins skit), it's safe to say Drizzy proved himself to be a natural. Three years later, in 2017, Drizzy took the stage to host the first-ever NBA Awards.

Watch some of the funniest bits from Drake’s one-time stint as a host of the ESPY Awards for yourself below.

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