On this day, October 6, in hip-hop history...

2005: During an October 6, 2005 airing of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Ludacris joined the rest of his cast-mates of the Oscar-winning film Crash to discuss the film and how racism is something in which the whole world participates in and perpetuates. Oprah Winfrey who has famously been highly-critical of hip-hop music and rappers over the years took the opportunity to chastise the rapper for using the "n-word" in his music and that the television mogul did not agree with the content of Luda's music.

In subsequent interviews following his appearance on the show, Ludacris would claim that his rebuttal of Oprah's claims during the show were highly-edited by Oprah's producers and that Oprah had pulled him aside after the show to lecture him about his music, again. Despite the controversy, Ludacris says that he has since made up with the television mogul and would have liked to be asked back to the show.

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