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Scott Gries, Getty Images
Scott Gries, Getty Images

2005: It was one of the most famous feuds in hip-hop history. After Jay-Z launched an attack on Nas at Summer Jam 2001 when he debuted "Takeover" to the world, the two rap legends waged one of the fiercest lyrical battles the rap game had ever seen.

"Takeover" led to "Ether," "Ether" led to "Super Ugly" and "Super Ugly" led To "The Last Real Nigga Alive" and "The Blueprint 2." Luckily, the feud only produced great music and did not spill out into the streets like so many hip-hop battles of the era did. It was the way that hip-hop battle should have been fought and served as a powerful example to all of hip-hop.

On Oct. 27, 2005 at Power 105.1's annual Powerhouse concert, Jay-Z and Nas officially squashed their beef when Nas made an unexpected appearance during Jay's show-closing set. Ironically the concert was entitled "I Declare War," many fans and industry insiders expected prior to the show that Jay was preparing an all-out lyrical assault on his enemies after years of other artists throwing shade in Hov's direction. Instead, Jay Z symbolically declared peace with his long-time rival who showed up on stage to perform "Dead Presidents" and "The World Is Yours." The rivals soon shook hands and posed together officially ending their feud. The truce was hailed by the media as an example of two men putting their differences aside for the good of hip-hop.

In January 2006, the pair would make headlines, again, when Jay-Z would recruit Nas to Def Jam while the historic rap label was under Hov's leadership. Nas would go on to collaborate with Jay-Z on his 2006 album, Hip-Hop Is Dead, on the song "Black Republicans" and for a second time on Jay's American Gangster song, "Success." More than years later, both MC's are still thriving in the world of hip-hop and other business ventures, having their hands in everything from restaurants, streaming companies, real estate and beverages.

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